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An ‘alternative’ history of architecture


One hundred and fifty years of architectural history recounted from a decidedly unprecedented perspective. In Caricature architettoniche. Satira e critica del progetto moderno (‘Architectural Caricatures. Satire and Criticism in Modern Architecture, 2015, Quodlibet), Gabriele Neri assumes a satirical gaze to document the impact of public and private architecture on society in the modern and contemporary eras.

Honoré Daumier, Thomas Theodor Heine, Louis Hellman, Mino Maccari, Leo Longanesi and Saul Steinberg are but a few of the great draughtsmen, illustrators and cartoonists who, with a clear eye and implacable spirit, have recorded the profound changes undergone by cities from the 19th century to the present.  

Drawing from this vast corpus – for the first time systematically organized – of caricatures, vignettes humorous illustrations and animations, Neri’s five chapters investigate the relationship between architecture and satirical graphic arts; a relationship that reveals far better than the manifestos, slogans, journals and promotional materials of ‘official propaganda’ the ways in which society has historically reacted to and digested the impact on everyday life of these great transformations of our urban and residential spaces.

The autothor will present the book April 12 at Verso Bookshop ( di Porta Ticinese) - Milan