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The genius loci according to Anastasia Savinova


France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway: Swedish artist Anastasia Savinova has traveled the world trying to capture, through her photography, that ineffable yet still tangible quality that makes a given place unique, different from any other. It’s a question of the atmosphere, the character of a city or landscape that the ancient Romans called genius loci, the sacred soul of a place. So she created a series of collages that celebrate the identities of inhabited sites, combining concrete elements with ephemeral and emotional factors.

At the center of each collage in the series - entitled Genius Loci – is a composite building made from fragments of many different buildings, juxtaposed by free association. The collage thus becomes a sort of evocative distillation of the city or country it represents, a poetic synthesis of its distinguishing features.

Here’s a link where you can see Anastasia Savinova’s portfolio and purchase prints of the collages: