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Seth Vane’s shots of Italian courtyards

If it is true that life is what happens while we are busy doing other things, then perhaps the same is true of artistic inspiration, in Seth Vane’s own experience at least, which led quite by chance to his work Tunnels to the Sky. One day while wandering around Milan, Vane glimpsed a chef having a cigarette break. When he rushed off to find and photograph him, he found himself – without realising it at first – in a typical Milanese courtyard, whereupon the chef disappeared. Making up for it, however, Seth found himself captivated by the geometry of the courtyard and the vertical arrangement of the windows, the perfect size for his composition. 

He then began to photograph the interiors of Milanese courtyards from the bottom upwards, rather in the manner of binoculars pointing up to the sky. On subsequent trips to Rome, Venice and Genoa, he decided to rely once again on serendipity, abandoning his GPS and predefined routes in favour of flânerie, allowing himself to get lost, leaving the architectural details to seek him out, not the other way round. 

Seth Vane’s work can be seen on his website: