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The familiar and disquieting world of Suzanne Moxhay


Suzanne Moxhay is a London artist, whose recent work draws on an early 20th century technique known as matte painting, in which backdrops are painted on sheets of glass and then integrated into the live action on set.

Moxhay makes up a collage of old photographs and printed material, which she re-photographs; she then manipulates the images digitally to create new scenarios, in which the intimate and the wild, the inside and the outside are juxtaposed. This creates the illusion of being in front of an empty stage with a backdrop made up of spaces that are both real and illusory, idealised and dystopian.

The world Moxhay creates is both familiar and disquieting and, like a film, requires the viewer to be willing to suspend belief.

Her works are available to view on her website: