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Belin’s postneocubism


Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, known as Belin, (born in Linares, Spain in 1979) is an artist who has been famous for his hyperrealist murals for some time. After a journey to Pablo Picasso’s birthplaces, Belin embarked upon what he described as “postneocubism”, a style combining the typical elements of cubism and hyperrealism.

Belin’s works often feature his relatives, whose realistically depicted faces emerge from geometric cubist figures, with results that are as original as they are distorted and alienating.

Although most of his recent works are on canvas, Belin is still very involved with public works, as evidenced by the mural he painted for last year’s Meeting of Style festival in Cancun, Mexico.

His work is available to view on his website ( and on his Instagram profile (