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John Derian Picture Book


Since 1983, when he unearthed a box of trouvailles, postcards and 19th century photos at a flea market, world famous practitioner of découpage John Derian’s passion for the natural world has found an outlet in prints and illustrations from an era in which everything had to be learned from books.  

The John Derian Picture Book, published by Artisan Books, transports us into his world of beauty, fantasy and mystery. The book contains 300 of the thousands of pictures the author has collected over the last three decades: a potpourri of flora, fauna, artwork, portraits of people and animals, and other unclassifiable oddities that succeed each other in no particular order.

Derian asked Anna Wintour - editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director of Condé Nast – to write the preface. She writes: “When the world is full of huge emporiums that are impossible to tell apart, he has fashioned an intimate, personal space where we are seduced by his singular sense of style”.

John Derian, John Derian Picture Book, Artisan 2016