Salone WorldWide Moscow


The dream office


A micro-sociological experiment sparked by an idea from the talented Ben The Illustrator – otherwise known as Ben O’Brien – who in March 2016 asked creatives on Twitter what their dream office would be.

The answers came in thick and fast and full of large and small details of what helps to create the perfect workspace. Once he had gathered an adequate amount of feedback, Ben embarked on the next phase -sorting out all the most interesting results and then putting together an illustration reflecting the desires of the majority of the “interviewees”.

The net result is a modernist cabin, immersed in nature and furnished with a mix of iconic design pieces and low-cost details. It contains books, plants and vinyl toys as well as a bicycle, a pet and a great deal of light. An ideal place, where the professional, domestic and personal worlds overlap, faithfully reflecting the demands and syncretic taste of modern creatives.  It would be interesting to repeat the same experiment with other categories of professionals.

The complete illustration can be viewed here: