Anna Carbone and Giovanni Gennari
The Chic Fish

Interior & Branding Design

“Contemporary Vintage”: tradition and innovation combined with contemporary vintage style

It all began in 2011 with a blog: a place where even now the relationship between vintage, design and style is being explored. The blog has become a recognised platform that inspires interior design, and is a point of reference for all those who love this style and are looking for hidden treasure.

The Chic Fish is an Interior Design and Communication Studio in Milan, specialising in Branding, Interior and Set Design. Its founders, Giovanni Gennari and Anna Carbone, a creative partnership at work and at home, define their personal vision of design with an infinite capacity for research, mixing tradition and innovation with vintage, yet contemporary style: “Contemporary Vintage” in a nutshell.

The creative studio has evolved naturally from the blog: after more than 10 years in the world of communication and art direction, Giovanni and Anna combined passion and profession to create a single entity focusing on research and project development.

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